You Snepped it!

Welcome to my page!

This site is about travel and photography.

Started in 2023 with this blog about travel in Malaysia and some other countries in Asia. Want to show you how beautiful these countries are. I love to shoot in black and white and you will see them here in my blog!

Digital cameras I am using to create this blog are my Leica Q2M, a high resolution monochrome camera with excellent picture quality. I used to have a Leica M240 with a few lenses but i sold it to purchase the Q2M. Other than a Leica camera I use or used a Nikon D850 with several lenses and a Nikon Z6ii with the excellent 24-120mm f4 S lens and the lightweight 40mm f2 SE.

Film photography I really like to do as well. Cameras i am currently using are: Yashica TLR medium format cameras ( Mat-124G and the Yashica-D), Nikon FE2 and Leica R6.2 and 2 Voiglanders Bessa cameras, The Voigtlander Bessa L and Voigtlander Bessa T.


Originally from Europe and now living in Malaysia for the past 10 years, love it very much. Travel a lot in Asia and other places in the world and love to share my pictures with you!